Gladney Family Feedback for ICCF Performance

Edwards Family:

“We had so much fun!  Everyone at ICCF was so welcoming and it was special watching Avalyn, Ian, and Sophia get to see parts of their culture in person.  We all enjoyed the dance performances the most—some of them were beyond amazing! We’re so thankful we were given the opportunity to come see the performance!”

Wallace Family:

“We had a great time. There were many excellent performances. I was most impressed with the dancers who balanced three bowls on their heads (the top one filled with water) as they danced. Fiona (aka Siao-ting) was very excited to receive the stuffed rabbit and red envelop that was given to the children. That was very generous.”

Ping Family:

Both boys had a really great time. Emmet (also from Chung Yi) liked the man singing with the ships in the background. I think he was a professor from UNT. Felix liked the Chinese zither performance best.”

Welch Family:

I just wanted to thank you again for facilitating us being able to go to the Chinese New Year event in Dallas. The families we met couldn’t believe that we had traveled from Amarillo for it, but we are glad we did!  It was such a fun night, with superb performances. There are very few Chinese people in Amarillo, and our kids loved seeing so many and hearing Mandarin. It was well worth the trip.” (No photos)

Foster Family:

We had a great time! It was such a special night. We actually reconnected with a mom we met in China. I believe they were using a different agency when they adopted their first son so we were only together one day, but on that day we realized that both us and them named our boys Josiah Knox! They had lived in Seattle but moved to Fort Worth! It was so cool to speak with her. 

My favorite part was the bowl dance, Chinese piano and the other piano and violin duet. Knox’s favorite part was the red envelope and the boy hip hop dance. Everyone was so nice and learning about the different cultures was so interesting.”

Norton Family:

We had a great time.  It was only Stella and I that could make it this time.  She really enjoyed it.  She started struggling a little about half way through….it was very late, but she recovered, stayed awake, and we stayed for the entire show. Thank you again for the tickets!  We really enjoyed the show!”

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